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Location: Salon Galić gallery (Marmontova 3, 21000 Split)

Opening: Thursday, October 29, at 9 p.m.
Duration: October 29 - November 13
A common theme in the works by Lana Stojićević is the predominant form of contemporary architecture – apartment buildings – which is largely built illegally and haphazardly, and which shall be left for future generations in Dalmatia. Recognizing that such architecture is characterized by disproportionality and an inappropriate combination of diverse historical styles with contemporary architectural elements which, be they constructive or decorative, take on an ornamental role, Stojićević problematizes the methods, causes, and repercussions of such architecture in her multimedia works. As her primary method, she uses a scenographic approach, that is construction by using scenographic strategies such as farrago (a confusing mixture of various elements, most commonly photography and myth), capriccio (combining depictions of architectural buildings, ruins, and other architectural elements in order to create a fantastical scene), and faux (surfaces that mimic natural materials such as marble, stone, wood, but also materials such as imitation jewelry and synthetic fabrics that imitate fur and leather). By directly relating apartment/illegal building with theatrical (illusory) techniques, but first and foremost with scenography, Stojićević urges us to think about the city as a scene and tourism as the mechanism behind the scene which powers the machinery of parasitizing and profiting off of cultural heritage.
The curator of the "Betonicus" exhibition is the independent curator Sonja Jankov.
The exhibition in Salon Galić takes place until November 13. Admission is free.