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Location: Marko Marulić City Library (Ulica Slobode 2, 21000 Split)

Opening: Monday, September 14,  at 6 p.m.
Exhibition of photographs of students and alumni of the Split Academy of Arts "Split in plans" is part of the project BEST of UMAS @ GKMM.
UMAS students attended the course of Professor Mirko Pivčević, and his influence on exercises and exam examples is noticeable in selected papers. One of the exercises was the plans, and the students who tried to catch those plans at the sites of the city of Split and its surroundings achieved praise, not only at the UMAS study but also later at various group and solo exhibitions.
Student wanderings, exploring interesting places we often pass by, and to which we do not pay attention, through the optics of several young generations, promoting a small student reportage series about Split. This exhibition is also a symbolic chronicle of our city of the last ten years in the visions of young people who are successfully engaged in photography and filming.
Among them are: Ana Miletić, Darko Škrobonja, Duje Kundić, Gloria Lizde, Greta Vuković, Josip Bojčić.
The exhibition is open until October 3.