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Location: Riva (Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda bb, 21000 Split)

Opening: Tuesday, September 15, at 6 p.m.
The opening of the KOMBO Visual Culture Festival is reserved for the exhibitionTolerance, initiated and authored by Mirko Ilić. This engaged design project has been on tour through 24 countries more than 50 times since 2017, displaying works by prominent world-class graphic designers, including Milton Glaser, Seymour Chwast, Peter Bankov, Gunter Rambow, and Niklaus Troxler. Croatian authors were Boris Bućan, Boris Ljubičić, Dejan Kršić, and Robert Čanak, and the total exhibition currently consists of 150 posters.
The author called for tolerance in response to nationalism, fascism, and xenophobia, which, unfortunately, are still very much present in society. The exhibition promotes the values ​​of equality and acceptance and respect for diversity, with the basic idea that all people are equal and that there is no place for discrimination in the society we are building. Every artist he chooses to invite in his poster must include the word tolerance in his language and a visualization of how the artist sees tolerance - what it is and what it should be in the context of the society in which he lives.
Public city space, as a place accessible to all that attracts and gathers a large number of people, was chosen as the setting of the exhibition with the aim not only of promoting peace and tolerance, but also actively building empathy and promoting critical thinking.