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This Friday, August 14, at 8 pm, the event "Roman Walk" starts, which has existed so far through the projects "Change of Guard / Greeting of Emperor Diocletian" and "Days of Diocletian" and numerous other programs for 15 years.

To continue the tradition of promoting the history of Split through tourism-historical programs, and given this year's global situation with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we opted exclusively for one program "Emperors Walk" or "Diocletian's Walk" to meet the requirements of the Headquarters civil protection of the Republic of Croatia.
The program is exclusively organized as the departure of Emperor Dikolecijan with the Praetorian Guard every Friday at 8 pm from Peristyle square and going for a walk through small streets of our city.
From Friday, September 25, a Roman way will take place every Friday, starting at 7 p.m.
The walk lasts approximately 45 minutes and takes place through the following streets/squares; Peristyle-Krešimirova-Pjaca-Riva-Marmontova-kralja Tomislava-Bosanska- finally passing through the streets of the palace core!
The program is organized by the Tourist Board of Split and in cooperation with the Croatian National Theater Split and Diocletian's Legion.