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Aquarium Split

Aquarium Split

 Aquarium Split is the largest marine aquarium in Croatia with more than 130 different fish species.


Split is the first city on the Croatian coast that had a public aquarium. Many citizens of Split still remember how they watched the underwater world through a glass basin at the Institute on the cape Marjan. Aquarium Split is the largest marine aquarium in Croatia and offers visitors a unique experience of enjoying the beautiful underwater world.


After 27 long years of waiting Split finally got – an aquarium with impressive dimensions and with flora and fauna that represents wealth of Croatian underwater world.


On a total area of 800 m2, and 22 aquariums with total capacity of 380 m3 containing characteristic fish species of the Adriatic Sea. Some of the better known species are: Shark, Ray, Large Muray, Congar Eel, Muraena, Lobster.


For visitors the most interesting are sharks, masters of deep waters, and in the aquarium there are about 20 species of different sizes. Aquarium has a significant educational value because visitors can practice catching fish on the hook and see various items of historical significance related to marine sciences.


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