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Location: Peristyle square

Date: 14th April, 18:30 to 19:00, and 15th April, 9:00 to 9:30


Hangzhou is an ancient capital of China. It is known as "Paradise on Earth", "Famous Cultural City", "Home of Silk", "Capital of Tea" and "Land of Fish and Rice". At the same time, Hangzhou is also a sister city of Split, Croatia. The Chinese Embassy in Croatia is honoured to invite Hangzhou Opera and Dance Drama Theatre,which has given wonderful performances at large events such as the G20 Summit in Hangzhou in 2016, to present a wonderful performance in Croatia. So today, during the performance you can enjoy traditional Chinese musical instruments, folk dances and songs.Enjoy yourself, and let us experience the charm of traditional Chinese art together!



1. Opening: "Happiness“ performed by all performers.


2. Erhu Solos: "New Horse Race" and "Drinking and Singing". Performed by: Jiang Ping.
"New Horse Race" is a unique erhu solo. It is based on traditional horse racing music and incorporates modern music elements to show a distinctive charm. In the passionate melody, you can feel the magnificent sight of galloping horses and also appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese music.

3. Uyghur Dance: "Balang". performed by Lei Liming.
The Uyghur dance "Balang" is a classic showcasing the Uyghur customs. The dance is vigorous and fast-paced, integrating traditional Uyghur culture and modern elements. In the cheerful music, the dancers show the enthusiasm and heroism of the Uyghur people through graceful.

4. Female solos "West Lake on Earth" and "Spring Ballet" performed by Xu Xu.
In the female solos "West Lake on Earth" and "Spring Ballet", the former is affectionate and depicts the intoxicating beauty of the West Lake with a delicate voice; the latter is light and cheerful as if the spring breeze is blowing and the ballet melody is dancing in the air. The two performances fully demonstrate the charm and style of female solo singing.

5. Female solo dance: "Silk Road" Performed by: He Yadan.
The solo dance "Silk Road" is a wonderful performance showing the historical and cultural charm of the Silk Road. With their graceful movements, the dancers interpret the prosperous trade and cultural exchanges along the ancient Silk Road, presenting a magnificent picture that spans time and space. The programme will take you to appreciate the glorious history of the Silk Road and experience the collision and integration of Eastern and Western cultures.

6. Pipa Solos: "Whispers of Pipa" and "Surrounded on all Sides” (New edition) Performed by: Zhang Zhongmei.  
"Whispers of Pipa" and "Surrounded on all Sides"(new edition) and are a musical feast that combines classical and modern music. The pipa player plays a solo, and the melody goes up and down, like a heroic and fierce battle on the battlefield, but also like the tenderness and sweetness of a Jiangnan water town. Listening to this song, you feel like you are immersed in it and feel the thousand years of history and culture.

7. Dance Duet: "Southern China in Misty Rain"Performed by: He Yadan, Lei Liming. 
The dance duet "Southern China in Misty Rain" is a soulful performance that brings the audience to the picturesque West Lake. The dancers reproduced the historical charm and beautiful legends of South China with their graceful dance movements as if traveling through time and space, dancing with the ancients. Wonderful performance, dreamlike and intoxicating.

8. Folk music "Tea Picking Dance", "Butterfly Lovers" and "Croatian Rhapsody". Performed by Jiang Ping, Zhang Zhongmei, Xu Xu.
"Tea Picking Dance" shows the beauty of pastoral scenery and labour, "Butterfly Lovers" tells a classical love legend, while "Croatian Rhapsody" displays a passionate modern melody. The three pieces of folk music combine song and dance to show the charm and innovation of music, leading the audience to transcend time and space, and experience the beauty of art.

9. Female solo "Unforgettable Jasmine". Performed by Xu Xu.
The female solo "Unforgettable Jasmine" is a classic work full of oriental charm, with a beautiful melody and moving lyrics. Jasmine, as a symbol of Eastern culture, is perfectly interpreted in this song. Listening to this song, you feel like you can smell the elegant fragrance of flowers and indulge in the beauty of the East.

10. Curtain Call: "On the Wings of Song" performed by all performers.
„On the Wings of Song” is a world classic song with a beautiful and moving melody, full of poetry and fantasy. The actors will lead you to appreciate the charm of this piece. Through carefully choreographed performances, they will show the perfect fusion of music and dance, allowing the audience to cross national boundaries and immerse themselves in the ocean of music to enjoy an audio-visual feast. Teachers from the Confucius Institute of UNiZG will also wear traditional costumes and join the performance!