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Exhibition of Lili Poljak: "Fluctus Anima"

Exhibition of Lili Poljak: "Fluctus Anima"

Location: Studio-21 Gallery

Time: January 11 - 19, 2024


The opening of the exhibition "FLUCTUS ANIMA felt and nano felt/structures, textures" by Lili Poljak will take place on Thursday, January 11, at 6:30 PM at Studio-21 Gallery.

The exhibition is the result of the artist's primary interest - experimenting with the felting technique, one of the oldest textile techniques, and exploring the possibilities of natural wool fiber and its combination with other materials through the wet hand felting technique. This brings FELT, as an ancient material, into a contemporary artistic context. In the last decades of the 20th century, we have witnessed the affirmation of this material as an expressive medium for many craftsmen, designers, and artists. Its uncompromising ecological aspect contributes to its popularization.

About the artist:

Lili Poljak graduated in kinesiology from the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, after which she went to Berlin where she encountered the ancient technique of hand felting wool. She dedicated equal attention to this technique as to her fundamental profession. Through years of work, she perfected and specialized in felting technique under the mentorship of Dagmar Binder - Textillabor. Felt becomes the primary medium of her artistic expression, regardless of its possible application, whether as a designer, theatrical, or fashion artifact, or a functional sculpture.

After returning to Croatia, she started her own project and brand, Filcmanufaktura, with the idea of collecting discarded wool and using it in applied arts and design. She actively exhibits both collectively and independently in the country and abroad. She has collaborated on projects with renowned authors in the fields of design and theater costume design, as well as various artistic projects and performance works in public spaces. She conducts themed wool felting workshops for children and adults. A member of ULUPUH and the Croatian Association of Independent Artists for textile creativity.