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The association Liberato created the LiberatoMap mobile application.


The LiberatoMap mobile application is a natural continuation of the online interactive map for people with disabilities, which enables easier and faster access to information about the accessibility of facilities in the city with a focus on technical infrastructure and the implementation of new areas/cities. The division by categories (health, public institutions, education, sports, culture, parking, food, drink, and others) enables easy and faster access to the desired information, meeting the individual needs of users. The map was the first to be available online, and now a mobile app is also available for download.


The development of this application was a long and arduous process. With the support of all donors, partners, and external collaborators in the project since 2019, the association Liberato managed to create a unique experience for all users.


LiberatoMap is more than just a mobile app. It allows users to find and plan trips according to their specific needs and limitations. The app includes information on the accessibility of public transport, accommodation, restaurants, and other facilities and also offers planned routes adapted to the user's needs.


The LiberatoMap mobile application is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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