From the Certain to the Possible: FACES, LANDSCAPES, HYPOCRISIES

From the Certain to the Possible: FACES, LANDSCAPES, HYPOCRISIES


Location: Museum of Fine Arts Split (Kralja Tomislava 15, 21000 Split)


From the Certain to the Possible: FACES, LANDSCAPES, HYPOCRISIES

exhibition of works from the Museum of Fine Arts’ collection


Duration: October 18 - November 27, 2022

curator: Dalibor Prančević


The exhibition From the Certain to the Possible: FACES, LANDSCAPES, HYPOCRISIES presents works from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Split created over an extended time period, the themes and visual properties of which group them around the terms highlighted in the title. The intention is to understand, through the landscapes – both natural and urban, as well as their fragments and associative diagrams – the inner moods and mental states conveyed by the artists, and to draw attention, through observations of their own and other people’s faces, to the multifaceted nature of human existence, but also to open that intimate world to the potential neurosis activated by the imposed adaptations and oppressions of collective conventions. These conventions can often become tools of manipulation and conjuring, turning human habitats into toxic and ecologically damaging and unstable territories. We would like to establish, through the selected works from the museum holdings, the co-existence of several different narratives – private and public – with their intersections as potential points of articulation of the highly polemical and current social topics.


Exhibiting artists: Lovro Artuković, AutopsiA, Ljubo Babić, Stjepan Baković, Petar Bibić, Zoe Borelli Vranska, Josip Botteri, Jakov Budeša, Vlaho Bukovac, Eric del Castillo, Vladimir Dodig Trokut, Cata Dujšin – Ribar, Ivo Dulčić, Rino Efendić, Momčilo Golub, Ljubo Ivančić, Petar Jakelić, Dean Jokanović Toumin, Jurica Kezić, Ivan Joko Knežević, Oskar Kokoschka, France Kralj, Maksim Krstulović, Vasko Lipovac, Antun Masle, Celestin Mato Medović, Frano Meneghello Dinčić, Antun Mezdjić, Toni Meštrović, Jerolim Miše, Neznani autor, Ana Opalić, Vjekoslav Parać, Jakov Pavić, Renata Poljak, Viktor Popović, Dunav Rendić, Neli Ružić, Franjo Salghetti Drioli, Mladen Sasso, Mile Skračić, Sandra Sterle, Frano Šimunović, Marino Tartaglia, Vice Tomasović, Josip Vaništa, Emanuel Vidović, Mila Vod, Vlado Zrnić, Gorki Žuvela.


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