In the Small Amphitheater of the Multimedia Cultural Center Split (Ulica slobode 28, 21 000 Split) on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at 08:00 pm, the audiovisual installation "ZA vs. PROTIV" by the artist Jelena Remetin opens. The audiovisual installation is on display until December 8, 2021, on weekdays and Saturdays from 02:00 to 07:00 pm.


It is an interdisciplinary project that networks stage movement, scenography, sound design, dramaturgical word, the virtual world as artistic categories, thus emphasizing virtual reality and sound software. Combining the power of theatrical expression, primarily movement and narration, and virtual reality, the project outlines a different way of interactive storytelling that simulates a virtual world in a wide 360-degree field of view. The text and mise en scène installations thematize violence in all its forms and show the ambiguity in human relationships. There are also false impressions as well as the condemnations we have towards others. The installation aims to change the thread of the story in the audience and its opinion of the characters. In this way, the participant is encouraged to present his or her view of the events that initiated the individual stories and to adhere to one of them or perhaps not. However, if we do not side with one of the parties, then it loses its meaning because if we are not ZA (FOR), then we are PROTIV (AGAINST).


Music and sound design: Damir Šimunović

Voices: Nadja Joksimovic, Tvrtko Juric, Natasa Kopec, Milica Manojlovic, Frano Maskovic, Jelena Micic, Jelena Miholjevic, Irma Milovic, Romano Nikolic

Author of photos: Jelena Remetin

Dancers: Branko Banković, Filipa Bavčević, Dina Ekštajn, Ida Jolić, Almira Osmanović

Male silhouette: Borna Baletić

Support in creating VR content: Spotlight

Technical support: Samsung

Sponsor: Span d.o.o.

Production: Art organization DEFACTO in collaboration with the art organization YELO

Production team: Jelena Remetin, Ivan Mrđen, Jelena Mićić, Andrea Remetin, Tatjana Aćimovic

Design, graphic preparation, and printing: S-TISAK d.o.o.

Special thanks: Multimedia Cultural Center Split, HULU Split team, Women's Room, Zagreb Dance Center team, Gavella Theater, Sandra Veber, Davor Mezak, Marijan Crtalić, Petra Brnardić, Yvett Rotscheid