Location: Museum of Fine Arts (Ulica kralja Tomislava 15, 21000 Split)


Time: November 11 - December 5, 2021


Mak Hubjer: In the Shadow

Curator: Božo Domazet


Motivated by the phenomena of ideological interference in public space, the work before you is a step in the direction of rethinking the complex relationship between the monument, the space it is erected in and memory. The core of Mak Hubjer’s work are two video installations, wherein the artist focuses on the very shadow of the monument, examining, with his further action, its real, but even more so, its symbolic nature. The seemingly fragile and volatile phenomenon becomes the focus and vessel of the entire dramaturgy and an extremely complex narrative.


The installations show the process of cleaning the shadow of the monument to the first Croatian president, Dr. Franjo Tuđman, in two of the largest Croatian cities, Zagreb and Split. This approach actually represents an attempt by the artist to expose tensions that are at the core of, not only certain historical narratives that are being advanced in public space and the broader domain of public communication through art, but also of multiple and unpredictable processes of distortion, reinterpretation and erasure. The concomitant elements of Hubjer’s central installations are four smaller interventions on the photograph of the monument in Zagreb, which are in turn accompanied by relevant video recordings of the performative process.


More information about the exhibition is available at https://galum.hr/en/exhibitions/exibition/1739/.