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  • In Diocletian’s Living Room

    I wake to find myself in Diocletian’s living room. A little odd, considering Diocletian lived 1700 years ago. But the Roman emperor’s palace is actually one of history’s great recycling success stories—not to mention one of the world’s great archaeological sites. Let me explain. Diocletian retired to his point of origin, Split, Croatia, at the turn of the fourth century A.D., with plans to raise cabbages and enjoy the ... Más

  • Buzzfeed life

    13 Amazing Things To See And Do On Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast   4. Stock up on delicious local produce in Split.   Maria Yagoda From the 7 a.m. to the early afternoon, the market in Split buzzes with the sounds of locals bartering. The vendors, who’ve been schlepping their vegetables, oils, honey, fish, and more from the nearby islands and countrysides for decades, may be difficult for a lone tourist to understand, as their thick, local dialect coats even the ... Más

  • The Daily Telegraph

    Croatia has more in common with Game of Thrones than just its breathtaking locations ESCAPE FEBRUARY 15, 2015 12:00AM Game of Thrones tour of Croatia: www.dailytelegraph.com.au   An fort in Split, Croatia. Game of Thrones tour of Croatia An fort in Split, Croatia. CROATIANS call this cold gusty wind Bora. It lashes us as we climb stone steps, higher and higher along towering walls. On this savage slice of mountain is the Fortress of ... Más