Location: Kolur - Zvončac  

Date: July 26 - August 18, 2024, working hours from 6 PM  to 11 PM

In the heart of Split, from July 26th to August 18th, a stellar concert lineup, top-notch culinary offerings, and Instagram-worthy photo zones will reign for the third consecutive year - it's clear that the Split Park Festival is back.

The summer ambiance and the now-popular festival location named Kolur Zvončac will become the most renowned spot for unforgettable summer nights. The honor of opening this "factory of fun" will go to the young and talented Miach. She will perform hits like "NLO," "Tempo," and "Vatra," ensuring an excellent atmosphere! Admission is free, and everyone is welcome to the opening that will mark the beginning of the festival, which will once again captivate many local and foreign visitors with its imaginative decor and top culinary offerings.

The festival, along with the most beautiful sunsets and sea views, will host many musical names. The concert program has never been more exciting as performers you haven't heard live in a long time will take the stage. On August 1st, the Split band Daleka Obala will perform, followed by Zlatko Pejaković on August 9th with his timeless hits enjoyed by all generations.

The most exciting performance awaits on August 10th when the group Teens will take the stage, returning after a 25-year hiatus. Towards the end, don't miss the chance to relax further with Songkillers performing on August 16th, and the next day a big surprise concert is planned, the name of which the organizers are not yet ready to reveal. The festival will close with a performance by the local band, the popular T.B.F.

Split Park Festival combines top-notch gastronomy and entertainment, providing unforgettable summer gatherings, relaxed evening outings, and enjoyment of great bites along with concerts by favorite bands. Entry is free for all visitors on the opening day, while other concerts are ticketed, and tickets are available on the ENTRIO website.

Program and Concert Dates:
*July 26 – Miach (Young generation star)  

*Admission for this concert is free.*
August 1 – Daleka Obala  
The legendary band Daleka Obala will make this summer memorable with their concert at Split Park Festival! With unforgettable hits that attract audiences of all generations, a spectacular time is guaranteed. They will perform their greatest hits like “Ruzinavi Brod,” “Tonka,” “Marica,” and many more.  
Tickets for Daleka Obala's concert are available at this LINK!
August 9 – Zlatko Pejaković  
Popular singer Zlatko Pejaković, known for hits like "Misli svako da je meni lako" and "Ako odem prijatelji," is preparing an unforgettable performance at the Split Park Festival. One of the most beloved singers on the domestic scene, he will perform his greatest hits that have marked his rich musical career.  
Tickets for Zlatko Pejaković's concert are available at this LINK! 
August 10– Teens  
After 25 years, the popular group Teens is reuniting and will perform their greatest hits at the Split Park Festival! Once the biggest teen stars, they won a Porin and performed at Dora as the youngest contestants ever. Expect an evening filled with a fantastic atmosphere and catchy hits that defined generations, like "Hajde reci što," "Ništa opasno," "Ti si ta," and many more.  
Tickets for the Teens' concert are available at this LINK!
August 16 – Songkillers  
One of the most famous and beloved funk bands, Songkillers, will treat the audience to an unforgettable evening at the Split Park Festival. Led by charismatic frontman Željko Banić – Bane, they have gained a large fanbase and the status of Croatia's biggest funk band over their thirty-year career! Their hits, like “Ni'ko kao ti,” “Malo toga preostaje,” and “Dio mene,” have delighted audiences for years, bringing infectious energy to every performance.  
Tickets for the Songkillers' concert are available at this LINK!
August 17 – Surprise Guest  
August 18 – TBF  
One of the most popular hip-hop groups in the region, TBF, announces a fantastic live performance at the Split Park Festival. The Split band has seven studio albums that have won awards from the music industry and critics. Thanks to their unique musical expression and energy, they delight many fans across the region with hits like "Veseljko," "Grad spava," "Fantastična," and many more.  
Tickets for TBF's concert are available at this LINK!
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