Location: Youth Center (Ulica slobode 28)

Time: June 1st - 3th, 2024.
In June, we can look forward to - Radio on the Roof: New Gondoliers, a masterclass by Spanish director Pilar Palomero, performances by the Play Drama acting studio, the final music events at Club Kocka for the 23/24 season, five exhibitions, and numerous other programs.
The masterclass by Spanish director Pilar Palomero will take place on Tuesday, June 4, starting at 7 PM, along with screenings of her short films "The Night of All Things" (2016), "Horta" (2017), and "Agenda 1958" (2019). Palomero will share her practical knowledge on developing ideas and shaping scripts, elaborating visual approaches, creating creative dossiers, and useful skills for further presentation and development of film projects.
This month, the MKC Gallery will host two exhibitions by students from the Academy of Arts in Split. On Wednesday, June 5, the exhibition of the Film and Video Department students, "Process 24," will open, followed by the final exhibition of the Painting Department, "Production 24," on June 13.
On Thursday, June 13, come to the Club Kocka Gallery at 8 PM for the opening of the exhibition "Poetics of Place" by Zagreb multimedia artist Stela Mikulin, who bases her work on exploring identity, heritage, urban, and personal memory. Through the multimedia site-specific installation "Poetics of Place," the artist explores the relationship between spatial reality and personal experience. By appropriating found objects from the open inventory of the Youth House into the work's setup, the strong influence of space on the formation of individual experience is highlighted, as well as what makes a space a place or a home.
At the end of the month, on June 28, the exhibition "Cry of pleasure/Boys who can't be loved" by David Wilhelm opens at the Club Kocka Gallery. Through a narrative leaning on fantasy, eroticism, and corporeality, the author touches on the experiences of desire, lust, longing, excitement, anxiety, fear, and distrust, and their impact on individual and collective queer identities.
In Beton Kino, a new program 'FILM CULT' begins, featuring nine cult film masterpieces. After each screening, film analyst Erik Lončar will present the main aspects that make each film an unforgettable part of film history. In June, two films are on the program - on Saturday, June 8, "Cruising" (1980) and on Wednesday, June 12"Cool Hand Luke" (1967). The films are screened with English subtitles, and admission is free.
From the rich children's program, we highlight the dance workshop "Colorful Monster" intended for children aged 4 to 8, which will be held on June 15. The workshop is based on the picture book by author Anna Llenas and the music of Antonio Vivaldi's cycle "The Four Seasons." Through poetry and music, children will be introduced to dance and stage technique and develop imagination through play and movement. The instructor is Nikolina Dolfić Tomić.
The performances "Doctor Dolittle," "Lysistrata," "Exercise in Style," and "The Bald Soprano" by the Play Drama Acting Studio students will be presented on June 25, 26, and 27 in the Amphitheater as part of the final sessions showcasing the workshop program for the 23/24 season.
The last month of gatherings in the 23/24 season at Club Kocka brings: Resistance of the Street: Jornada del Muerto + Barabbas, du förtappade (June 5), Zvjerinjak (June 7), Roman Ravepire W/Belezebub (June 14), Stoning III: A Gram Trip + Hrmülja (June 15), Fifth Diagnosis vs Radio Rudina (June 21), Bazaar (June 22).
At the end of the month, on Saturday, June 29, the thirteenth edition of SMOTRA will take place, featuring a series of recent works from the Kino Klub Split. Films produced and co-produced by the club over the past year will be presented, including over ten works and several exercises created through workshops conducted at the Kino Klub Split last year.
On the same day, you can enjoy a concert by the Split band New Gondoliers on the Trokut terrace, with KLFM Soundsystem warming up the audience for the concert.

This is just part of the program for June, and the entire program is available on the website dom-mladih.org and on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Youth Center. There you will also find all the details on how to apply to participate in workshops.