Location: Youth Center (Ulica slobode 28)

Time: April 1st - 30th
April at the Youth Center is packed with exciting events that we'll uncover more about in the following. For all music lovers interested not only in listening but also in what exactly happens behind the scenes, on Wednesday, April 3rd, there will be a Beat Making Workshop. Participants will get acquainted with the powerful tool known as FL Studio, see how the program works, and create some beats. All you need is a laptop with either the original or demo version of FL Studio installed. Registration is mandatory as the number of participants is limited. For the first time live in Split, listen to "Životni pop" by Dimitrije Simović aka. Dimitrije Dimitrijević, a man who moved from Niš to Zagreb for love and, deeply in love, released two excellent albums. With his musical magic and trans-genre approach to production and creation, he enchanted the regional audience. The concert will be on Friday, April 5th, at Club Kocka organized by KLFM.
The new edition of the program "Krovna tema" (Roof Theme), on Tuesday, April 9th, hosts Hrvoje Laurenta, the temporary director of the Zagreb cultural institution New Spaces of Culture. Founded in the fall of 2023 on the principles of participatory, decentralized, and diverse cultural offerings, this unique municipal institutional platform brings together diverse actors and develops programs jointly with civil society organizations and other organizations in the field of culture and art, local communities, city neighborhoods, public institutions, international partners, and all interested citizens. At this event, find out how efforts are made to decentralize cultural infrastructure in Zagreb and increase the accessibility and inclusiveness of culture.
In the Virtual Reality workshop - VR Workshop - participants will be introduced to theoretical and practical knowledge essential for using VR tools, technology that today has a wide application in the fields of art, education, entertainment, tourism, etc. The workshop is structured in three modules with the first module in April (April 17th, 19th, and 24th) dedicated to 360° recording. The workshop is free but with a limited number of participants. The preferred age of participants is +15 years. Deadline for registration for the first module: April 12th.
Another interesting workshop, but this time for children aged 8 to 12, is announced for Saturday, April 13th. The Dance Workshop for Children "Wild Symphony" is based on the eponymous picture book and music by writer and musician Dan Brown. Through poetry and music, children will get acquainted with dance and stage technique and develop imagination through play and movement. Through interesting dance sequences, creative tasks, and improvisations, children will explore and develop creativity in designing dance sequences, develop awareness of their own body and its capabilities, as well as movement within the group and the space they are in. The workshop is led by Nikolina Dolfić Tomić (Dance Association Tiramola). Two exhibitions will also open in April. On Saturday, April 13th, the exhibition by Jose Begga - Slam and 3 Dances for Albert opens. Jose Begga is a Spanish queer artist who shapes his art around universal themes and hyper-subjectivity.
At the Kocka Club Gallery, he will present work dealing with the theme of chemsex as a phenomenon that perhaps most comprehensively points to the complexity of queer life in the time of the late capitalism crisis, consumer society, acute alienation, and their/our (inter)dependence...
At the end of the month, on April 26th, the exhibition Nedeljko Dragić: Graphic Design and Illustration opens at the MKC Gallery. The exhibition brings together in one place the most important works of the prominent Croatian film and visual artist Nedeljko Dragić in the field of graphic design and illustration, primarily posters for theaters and various cultural and tourist events and institutions, book covers, extremely successful and popular mascots, magazine design, advertising films for domestic and foreign clients, etc.
A wealth of sound and stage-visual elements await you at the multimedia concert The Stranger Within, which you can experience on April 19th and 20th at the Amphitheater of the Youth Center. The Stranger Within concert is classical music that boldly transcends traditional forms. Music for solo accordion and string orchestra, together with animation, scenography, lights, narration, and contemporary dance, creates a thematic and aesthetic whole. By showing the power and sentiment of classical accordion, soloist Mirko Škarica creates a counterpoint to timeless questions of human nature.
Numerous concerts will be held at Club Kocka, and here are just a few of them: Resistance of the Streets: Haexler + 3Zan (April 4th), Night Of The Living Goths: Misericorde, Rottica Erotica (April 27th), Siksa - Punk/Noise Performance (April 18th). Additionally, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Club Kocka is scheduled for April 30th, and details of the celebration will be revealed soon.

This is just part of the program for April, and the entire program is available on the website dom-mladih.org and on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Youth Center. There you will also find all the details on how to apply to participate in workshops.