Location: Youth Center (Ulica slobode 28)

Time: July 1st - 3rd, 2024.

Escape the summer heat with films, exhibitions, and workshops at Split's Dom mladih.


Until Tuesday, July 9, you can visit David Wilhelm's exhibition "Cry of Pleasure/Boys Who Can't Be Loved" at Galerija kluba Kocka. Two more exhibitions will open by the end of July. On Friday, July 12, at 8 PM, the MKC Gallery will host the opening of an exhibition by multimedia artist, graphic designer, and set designer Nives Sertić. Sertić explores the boundaries and overlaps of various media, with a strong focus on photography and film. Her recent works question the perception and relationship of individuals towards the environment, using observation as an act of contemplation in her artistic practice. After several months of a residency in Split and its surroundings, supported by MAVENA as part of the annual exhibition program NMG@PRAKTIKA, the artist will present the first exhibition in the series "Landscapes: Trilogy of Views."


At the end of the month, on Friday, July 26, Galerija kluba Kocka will open Mark Grootes' exhibition "Ziz - The Current Dominant Force." As one of the versions of the artistic realization of the allegorical concept of the monster Ziz, the artist proposes the transformation of the gallery space into an exhibition space for "progressive" proposals dealing with the clean energy crisis, spaces like those seen at the world exhibition in Dubai or the Venice Architecture Biennale, where the concept of clean energy becomes part of the global neoliberal mindset that tries to turn the climate crisis into an economic profit model using wind and solar energy.


Enjoy workshops every Sunday at 7:30 PM in the Blue Hall, with social dance workshops open to all rhythm and dance enthusiasts.


Film enthusiasts will be pleased with two film analysis workshops this month, held on July 16 and 30The first workshop, titled "Every Beginning Has Its End" focuses on how every film's beginning provides clues about what viewers can expect, how to watch the film, what goals need to be achieved by the end, and why a particular visual style was used. Comparing the beginning and the end of the film highlights whether the initial intentions were successfully carried out or if the film deviated from its path.


The second workshop, titled "The Main Character as a Puzzle" addresses why the main character in a film behaves in bizarre ways and their motivations. Did they have a goal they tried to achieve, or are they just a presence without a layered character? Workshop leader and film analyst Erik Lončar will provide tools for clearer film understanding, enhancing the quality of film enjoyment.


Mark your calendars for July 11 and 25, as Beton Kino hosts FILM KULT movie nights. The first night features the overlooked tragicomedy "Polyester" (John Waters, 1981, 86′, USA), where "bad taste" is cleverly blended with the American middle class and extended into mainstream culture. The second night presents the ultimate trash film "Pink Flamingos" (John Waters, 1972, 93′, USA). With this film, Waters cemented his reputation as a cinematic provocateur, captivating audiences with shocking visuals, extreme themes, and sensational dialogues. After the films, Erik Lončar will lead analyses, highlighting the key elements that make these films unforgettable pieces of cinematic history.


On Thursday, July 25, Kino Klub Split's discursive program "In Square" will showcase films by club members, experimental films, recent club productions, and works by contemporary authors working under similar production conditions worldwide.


There are also summer creative Kamishibai workshops for children from July 22 to 26, featuring artistic storytelling, language creativity, speech exercises, and drama games with props, using artistic illustrations by young Split artist Mia Čulić. Kamishibai is a popular Japanese storytelling technique developed from street theater traditions. The workshops aim to introduce children to stories and legends from Croatia and around the world, fostering communication and reading culture. The workshops are led by Jasmina A. Žiljak, a storyteller and drama pedagogue.


This is just part of the program for July, and the entire program is available on the website dom-mladih.org and on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Youth Center. There you will also find all the details on how to apply to participate in workshops.