Location: Youth Center

Time: February 1 - 29

New program at the Youth Center: Here's what awaits us until the end of February.

To kick off February, two workshops are available for those ready to try and learn something new - Introduction to Acrobatics and Writing as Performance.
On Saturday, February 3, at the Introduction to Acrobatics workshop led by Nastasja Štefančić Kralj and Filipa Bavčević, you will gain insight into the processes of choreographic work, try acrobatic and partner elements, and have a great time.

On Sundays, you can join the creative workshop Writing as Performance led by dance artist Martina Tomić and dramaturge Nina Gojić and explore various approaches to the question "In what different relationships can text and body, writing and choreography be?"

The first weekend of February features a must-attend music program at Club Kocka. On Friday (2/2), there are EX-YU hits, and on Saturday (3/2), it's KLFM night at Kocka with Marinada & KLFM Soundsystem. Rijeka's Marinada is still hidden gems of the local music scene, independent and unconventional. Ready to set the dance rhythm before and after the concert until the early hours are the selectors of KLFM Soundsystem with eclectic and carefully curated musical choices.

On Wednesday, February 7, starting at 6:30 pm in the Razreda space (southern entrance, 3rd floor), Dr. Mirko Petrić from the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar - Split Branch, will hold a lecture on "Neoliberal Fantasy of Cultural Sustainability." Following the lecture, there will be a discussion with the participation of sociologists Prof. Dr. Inga Tomić-Koludrović and Mag. Blanka Čop. The purpose of this lecture is to explain in detail what the mentioned term means and what consequences the mentioned neoliberal fantasy has on the development of culture and cultural policy, especially in post-socialist European countries, including Croatia.

In February, the Basic Workshops program starts at the Split Film Club (camera, lighting, sound, and editing workshops). Applications for the camera workshop, which will take place from February 23 to 25 and will be led by experienced lecturer, cinematographer, and director Boris Poljak, are open until February 12. The Basic Workshops program will begin on February 20 and 22 with public lectures by Dora Baras. The first lecture, titled "Film Beginner" starts with the screening of two short Croatian films, with guided viewing. The second lecture's theme is "What is Film." The lecture elucidates all concepts, film genres, styles, epochs, methods, and currents.

Various other workshops will take place in February, including a Canva Design workshop (6/2), Trapeze and Circle Technique and Movement workshop (9, 10, and 11/2) for beginners and those who have been practicing aerial acrobatics for some time, and the Cycle 4 / Awareness and Movement: Flow workshop (11/2) for those interested in inner and outer self-work and creation involving movement, dance, and the body, regardless of previous experience. The Cycle of weekend workshops on contemporary dance and movement (17, 18, 24, and 25/2) is for those who want to experience floorwork, explore or discover a new way of functioning in body movement, or have a different perception of the dance body. In the Contortionism Workshop (25/2), you will increase flexibility in the upper, middle, and lower back, shoulders, pelvis, hips, and leg muscles and tendons.

It's carnival time, so on Saturday, February 10, at Club Kocka, expect Masquerade 2.0 / W Belezebub, and on Shrove Tuesday, February 13, Carnival with the Lollipop program will take you on a crazy musical roller coaster through hits that have conquered the world charts. On the musical repertoire of Club Kocka, you can also find: Studio 3/4 presents: Reah, Stereotrip, Sixes (9/2), ZloSTavljanje: War-head, Kymera & Dead within (17/2), KaosLab with Josephine Wedekind (23/2), Otpor ulice (24/2).

On the last day of the month (29/2), don't miss the opening of the exhibition by Slaven Tolja: "Krakelure, Pavo, and I" at the MKC Gallery at 7 pm. Slaven Tolja's exhibition in Split continues the exhibitions set up last year in Bologna (Palazzo d'Acurssio), Rijeka (OK Gallery), and Zagreb (Institute for Contemporary Art). On this occasion, it is supplemented with new works and artistic interventions.

This is just a part of the program until the end of February, and the entire program is available on the website dom-mladih.org and on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Youth Center. You will also find all the details on how to apply to participate in the workshops.

Photos: PDM