Location: Loggia, Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning Zlatna Vrata (Diocletian's Palace 7)

Date: February 2 - February 27, 2024

Performance: Saturday, February 3, 8:30 am, at Peristyle


Natasha Kadin

The Croatian Association of Fine Artists-Split and the Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning Zlatna Vrata continue their successful cultural collaboration in the field of contemporary art.

This year's HULU program in the Loggia gallery kicks off with the exhibition "Dota" by artist Arijana Lekić-Fridrih, whose opening will take place on Friday, February 2, at 7:00 pm. The exhibition will be open for viewing until February 27, 2024.

In her artistic work, Arijana Lekić-Fridrih addresses the position of marginalized groups and the role of responsible citizenship. Her works come to life in public spaces, always with the shared goal of bringing about change in society, public opinion, and each individual.

The author will also perform on Saturday, February 3, at 8:30 am at the Peristyle.

''One brave woman and artist walked through the city that Saturday and couldn't believe her eyes, just like many of her fellow citizens. The following month, she courageously stood in front of them and started her public art project "Silent Mass," which she continues to this day. Like them, the "kneelers," every first Saturday of the month, she publicly stands in front of them, alone, with a proclamation about statistical data on femicides, victims of gender-based violence that is still prevalent in our society, about inequality, discrimination, constitutional, legislative, and human rights of women that are daily violated and lightly or not sanctioned.
That brave woman and artist, Arijana Lekić-Fridrih, at this moment, unreservedly and actively, with her own body, fights for all of us, and through this exhibition, some of her artistic works are presented for the first time in a gallery context. Through this exhibition, we collectively attempt to uncover hidden narratives of the discrimination of women in our social environment.''
Natasha Kadin, from the exhibition preface

Link to the exhibition: hulu-split.hr