Creative hub Prostor - program in February

Creative hub Prostor - program in February

Location: Creative Hub Prostor (Plančićeva 2)

Date: February 1 - 29, 2024


WORKSHOP ON CREATING AND WRITING STORIES led by children's author Jelena Pervan

Some books are fun, some are sad, some are thick, some are thin, and some kids love books so much they can't stop eating them. Yes, you heard it right! The boy Henry from Oliver Jeffers' nibbled story loved to have books for lunch, and although it may seem like an unhealthy and creative meal at first, Henry is convinced by the end of the story that everything, even books, should be enjoyed in moderation.

In the workshop, we will hear the story of Henry, who loved eating books, and discover the unusual situations our characters can get into if they eat something they shouldn't. What if they eat a caterpillar, a pencil, or a pancake pan? Will they get a stomachache or an opportunity for a magical adventure in the story we'll create for them? We'll find out soon.

Workshops will be held in two sessions in February, according to the age groups of participants:

Storytelling workshop for children from 2nd to 4th grade – Saturday, February 3, from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Story creation workshop for preschoolers (6+) and first graders – Saturday, February 17, from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

The workshop fee is €12 and is payable upon arrival.

Registration is mandatory via email:


CREATIVE WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN led by Tatjana Kostrenčić Janković will be held in two sessions in February:

Sunday, February 4, 2:00 pm

Creating magical carnival hats from various materials (stars, pompoms, colorful ribbons, colorful wires, clay, etc.), as well as playing "Happy Thoughts."

Workshop will be held in two groups:

1st group: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

2nd group: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Saturday, February 10, 10:00 am

Making soap from felted wool (introducing children to wool and all its benefits, returning to tradition and old crafts)

Workshop will be held in two groups:

1st group: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

2nd group: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Workshops are intended for children aged 6 to 12. The price for each individual workshop is €15, and all materials are included.

To participate in the workshops, please register at 098/699-434 or


KINEDOK: TOO CLOSE - Hungarian-Romanian Film

In collaboration with KineDok, in February, we will be screening a film in Hungarian-Romanian co-production at Prostor, telling the story of a mother who, after a traumatic event in her daughter's life, struggles with scars from the past in a small community that refuses to accept what happened.

About the film: Theater actress Andrea lives a peaceful life in a Romanian village with her daughter Pirka and young son. However, their shared life hides a great trauma that resurfaces with the return of Andrea's violent ex-partner from prison to their hometown. His return sparks rumors and speculations among neighbors - who is really to blame for what happened? This claustrophobic documentary thriller follows a family imprisoned in their own home.

Language: Romanian, Hungarian (with Croatian and English subtitles)
Duration: 85 minutes
Trailer: [link]

In partnership with KineDok, we present a selection from this year's film catalog in the Prostor gallery from September 2023 to April 2024. KineDok cycle screenings are free and open to the public, but due to limited seating, reservations are required (one person per reservation) via the link



Join us for the first book club in 2024 at Prostor. We'll gather on Monday, February 19, at 7:00 pm, and discuss the novel "Childhood" by Danish author Tove Ditlevsen.

About the book: "Childhood" is the first part of Tove Ditlevsen's Copenhagen Trilogy, one of the most famous and esteemed Danish authors, who is unusually honest and vulnerable in this memoir prose, portraying private and intimate experiences as universally human. The author tells her story of growing up in Copenhagen, providing the reader with a merciless, honest insight into her life. In the working-class district where she grew up, she is fascinated by the wild, red-haired friend Ruth, who introduces her to the secrets of adults. Tove knows she is unconventional, that her childhood is destined for a completely different girl, and she cannot reveal her true self to anyone, not even to herself. She feels a strong inclination towards literature and knows that, painfully and inevitably, one day she will have to leave the street of her childhood. Before us is an impressive portrait of girlhood friendship narrated with vivid, emotional intensity.

No registration is required; see you at Prostor!


Get to know Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors and products at a certified Basics workshop; discover how you can easily change and refresh your old or new furniture, kitchen, curtains, or children's room without buying new pieces, or how to infuse your unique style and personality with new pieces.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colors are the right choice for adding new value and personality to furniture or living spaces, in a healthy way (the colors are without volatile organic compounds), quick, and sustainable.

In the workshop, you will create your unique piece with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors and learn basic painting techniques in a three-hour workshop. All necessary materials are included in the price.

Workshop price: €68


- by phone at 099/596-5779 or

- or

-  purchase the workshop on the link


The Terrum Association organizes pottery and free modeling workshops in clay, where participants will learn the basics of these techniques. Also, with the support of facilitators, all participants will have the opportunity to create their unique clay object – be it a cup, bowl, or figure.

Marjory Bankson, in her book "The Soulwork of Clay," said that working with clay is a way to dirty our hands and clear our thoughts. She also suggests that it is a kind of prehistoric therapy because we were all once children in love with mud. When we work with clay, our thoughts are focused on the work process; we disconnect from everyday problems, worries, and obligations, and our muddy hands keep us in touch with ourselves, clay, and the process. Clay is a material with its energy, texture, and temperament, teaching us to be present in the moment and to follow every movement of the material under our fingers.

This meeting will be facilitated by Milana Stojić, an academic painter, and Nina

For more information about all events at Prostor, please check the calendar.