Location: Fotoklub Split (Marmontova 5)

Time: February 3rd - February 21st, 2024


As highlighted by the curator Ana Žanko in the exhibition's preface, in the cycle "Revelations," we discover Zoran Klarić's softer, gentler, and more intimate artistic side. The cycle encompasses thirty monochrome nudes through which Klarić simultaneously pays homage to the classics of world photography and celebrates women and the female body as an endless source of inspiration.

The reference to photographic giants is evident in the very names of the photo series. "Hommage to Drtikol" visually reminisces about František Drtikol, the pioneer of modern Czech photography and a globally renowned master of nude photography. The series "Visiting master Pelikan" invokes the spirit of the Slovenian giant Josip Pelikan, who repeatedly celebrated the beauty of women through his photographs.

In the manner of his influences, including the Prague school and our own Stanko Abadžić, whose stylistic influence on Klarić is indisputable, the author approaches the nude genre with visible respect and admiration for femininity. Klarić carefully ensures that the theme is not reduced to the physical appearance and exploitation of women's attributes but, above all, that his photographs convey a specific emotional atmosphere – one of tenderness, fragility, and sensuality.

Information about the exhibition is available at link.