HÄAGEN-DAZS pastry shop

HÄAGEN-DAZS pastry shop


October 14 - November 5, 2023



Häagen-Dazs Fresh Belgian Waffle with a Scoop of Ice Cream and Your Choice of Topping

Promotional Price - €6.90


The story of Häagen-Dazs ice creams began in 1960 in New York when Reuben and Rose Mattus conceived what is now one of the most coveted and highest-quality ice cream brands. Reuben chose a name reminiscent of Danish, which actually means nothing at all. And so, the legendary Häagen-Dazs was born. The scoops started rolling, and the rest is history.


For over 60 years, Häagen-Dazs has been creating perfect flavors and creamy textures using only the finest ingredients. In addition to the quality that has been renowned from the beginning, Häagen-Dazs ice creams have built their reputation on intriguing flavor combinations. Vanilla, Belgian chocolate, macadamia nut, praline, mango, and raspberry are flavors that beckon for a taste. Irresistible flavors and the creamy ice cream texture are achieved by using only the best ingredients that meet the highest quality standards.


The initial philosophy of investing in premium quality remains relevant today, using as natural and carefully selected ingredients as possible, without artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or stabilizers. Häagen-Dazs also prides itself on using minimal amounts of air in ice cream production to achieve a dense, creamy, and velvety texture.


In addition to ice cream, it offers freshly baked waffles, chocolate lava cake, and creations with delicious names like Macadamia Crunch or Brownie Explosion. Their menu also includes ice cream-based beverages and a cold coffee frappe with macaron cookies!



Häagen-Dazs pastry shop

Hrvojeva 9, 21000 Split

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