Marjan hill is the first symbol of the town of ...


Marjan, the hill that overlooks the city has always been the most impressive part of Split imagery. Such a harmony betwwen natural and urban is rarely found; on one side the densely populated city in all of its glory and on the other a peninsula of almost pristine nature.


Holy hill, as it is often called, harbors many monuments of sacred and secular architecture which are combined with this green oasis in such a way that they inspire a sense or awe an admiration even in a passer-by. 


The very fact that we climb up to Marjan directly from beautiful and world renowned waterfront of Split („Riva“) gives the visitors from any part of the world a chance to experience the beauty of this park-forest, the freshness of air and stunning view of the city of Split and the nearby islands from several unique lookout points.


Marjan offers to its visitors peace and tranquility, recreation and entertainment with natural pathways and trim-trails. 


Marjan is the place from which Split can be seen in all its glory, but you can also experience entirely different side of this densely populated and tourism oriented city.



As of Friday, April 30, 2021, the Marjan Park-Forest Visitor Center is opened.

Visitor Center content will make the Marjan Park-Forest closer to visitors, information about the park-forest more easily accessible, and ecological and cultural-educational programs better presented to the general public.

The center will present Marjan Park Forest as a double protected area and promote its cultural and natural heritage, both among the inhabitants of Split and its visitors. 

The address of the Visitor Center is Trumbićeva obala 18, 21000 Split.

Working hours: Monday - Friday 07:30 a.m. - 03:30 p.m.


The timetable of the Marjan Forest Park electric bus is available HERE. Rides are free for all users. The bus timetable is subject to change.



Audio Guide - Marjan Forest Park

As part of the EU project "Marjan 2020 - brdo prošlosti, oaza budućnosti", the Public Institution for Marjan Forest Park Management developed an audio guide for all visitors. 
This guide can be downloaded for use within the forest as an interactive audio guide - especially emphasized for use by blind and visually impaired people, who will have an opportunity to learn and experience much more about biodiversity, natural heritage, and the contents of Marjan Forest Park.
The audio guide contains a map with marked points of interest (51 points of interest) and all geolocation options for tracking the direction and location of movement.


You can access the guide directly at