Splitians would rightly call their city the centre of the world - the imperial city where the time has stopped to capture and drag you into a story that only Split can tell. Numerous events will separate you from everyday monotony creating unforgettable memories.



The famous 'cottages' on the Riva waterfront and the city squares are a symbol of fun, socializing and warmth of the holiday season. This year you can enjoy Christmas decorations, souvenirs and a rich gastronomic offer as well as musical performances at the Christmas Fair on the waterfront Riva. Every day at the central Riva stage visitors are welcomed by a variety of music and art programmes, from themed evening performances of various DJs and entertainment bands to matinee concerts, klapa performers and classical music players. During the four Advent weeks, each Saturday at 6 pm, a candle on advent wreath is lit, accompanied by a special programme. These holidays, Strossmayer's Park or Giardino, as the Splitians call it, is turning into a Christmas fairy-tale. This corner for children and the young will glitter in the colourful Christmas decorations with numerous children's 3D characters, packed with musical, drama and dance performances and gifts. Christmas festivities are unthinkable without carols, so in the old Split, groups of singers traditionally travelled from house singing Christmas carols. Inspired by this old custom, the Cultural Artistic Society 'Jedinstvo' will introduce you to the tradition of old Split by their performances.


The whole of Split lives in the holiday atmosphere and the town squares become the advent stage. At the Pjaca Square, there is the Advent at Pjaca event, which offers the most cheerful Christmas party and good food. Excite yourself in new areas that will tell you a gourmet story like Advent in the newly opened Tourist Palace and 'Galadvent' opposite the Art Gallery. The Christmas gastronomic offer of Split and Dalmatia will be presented by the Split hosts through interesting Gastro advent and Gastro Get Advent projects.


All those who plan to travel to Split, Split hotels and railway passenger transport offer special benefits to Split visitors during Christmas and New Year's events, and their programs have been tailored for the occasion by numerous cultural institutions, of which the Croatian National Theatre Split programme should be highlighted. The Splitians have prepared the most cheerful New Year's Eve with spectacular midnight fireworks. The first on the stage is the band MJESNI ODBOR (Music Board) with merry hits combining island rock, funk, polka, and reggae. JOLE & band, one of the best entertainers in this area, will lead us into the New Year and in charge of a good atmosphere until the morning will be the popular band GUSTAFI. Enter the New Year dancing salsa within the SALSA SPLIT SILVESTRE NIGHTS festival at the Voćni Trg square. It is difficult to summarize all the things Splitians have prepared for these holidays, but we can say with certainty that you will not regret if you choose Split for your Advent destination. www.visitsplit.com #visitsplit