Night of Museums 2017: Where to go, What to See?

Night of Museums 2017: Where to go, What to See?

In this calm season, one event attracts thousands at the end of January. All those people rush into museums, which open their gates for free. Yes, it's the Night of Museums time!

This year, event will take place on January 27, and main theme is Music, Musical Greats and Their Influence on Society. What you can expect in museuma in and around Split?

Archeological Site Salona

6pm-11pm Free visit to the site and Memorial Room in Tusculum; socializing with hot tea and cookies; sale of museum publications with 50 pct. discount

6.30pm-7pm/9.45pm-10.15pm Music Intermezzo

7.30pm-8.45pm Walk with don Frane: guided tour with a guide impersonating don Frane Bulić, the most famous explorer of Salona; meet his friends, and learn about his life and Salona

9pm Ejnar Dyggve - Researches in Salona; Danish archeologist E. Dyggve arrived to Salona in 1922 and stayed as one of the most important researchers of this site

9.15pm Ejnar Dyggve - Civis Salonitanus; a documentary by Croatian director Bogdan Žižič about E. Dyggve, who used to call himself civis salonitanus, "a citizen of Salona"

Free bus to the site departs in front of the Archeology Museum in Split at 7.15pm, with return trip from Salona at 9pm and 10pm.

Archeology Museum

6pm-1am Visit permanent collection; discounted sale of museum publications; hot beverages

6pm-7pm Guided tour of museum

7pm-midnight Guided tours in groups

6pm-1am Exhibition Traces of Craftsmen in Salona

7pm-11pm Music program, Sunny Day band

Croatian Maritime Museum Split

6pm-6.30pm Photo exhibition "Following Steps of Petar Hektorović", by students of elementary schools in Stari Grad and Jelsa on island Hvar. They travelled same route as Hektorović in his 16th century book "Fishing and Fishermen's Talks"

6.30pm-7pm Petar Hektorović's music: lecture about folk songs collected by Hektorović in "Fishing and Fishermen's Talks"

7pm-7.45pm Night of Museums for children - guided tour around the museum

8pm-9pm/9.30pm-10.30pm Guided tours through the museum for grown ups

Ethnographic Museum Split

6pm-1am Exhibition Growing Up in Split in 1960s & 1970s

6pm-1am Free visit of permanent exhibition of traditional culture of Dalmatia, including one of the oldest local churches, 7th century St Andrew de Fenestris; sale of museum publications.

Gallery Ivan Meštrović

7pm-7.45pm/9pm-9.45pm Mestrovic's Instruments: Students of music school Josip Hatze Split perform on harp, flute, violin, viola, mandolin which were frequently depicted in works by Ivan Mestrovic

6pm-1am Open tour of permanent exhibition with music by Ivan Mestrovic's favourite composers Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Sibelius and Chopin

Gallery of Fine Arts

6pm-1am New permanent exhibition of art from 1960s till today

6pm-1am Conceptual exhibition Instruments by Momčilo Golub

6pm-1am Opening of mural by Tomislav Buntak, depicting motifs of fight

6pm-1am Permanent exhibition, from 14th century till today

6pm-1am Artistic Life in Split 1919-1941

6pm-1am Exhibition of art association Apsolutno (Novi Sad, Serbia): Death, Confusion, Sale

Museum of Croatian Archeology Monuments

7pm Protective archaeological excavations of the Lazaret in Split, exhibition about research of remains of the Lazaret in Split, a port station built in 16th and 17th centuries as a temporary storage of merchandise and as a quarantine station for passengers. Explore rich and turbulent life of Split in the time of Ottoman-Venetian wars and plague epidemics

8pm From the program of the 4th International Archaeology Film Festival: "Az, Branko by Surname Fučić", Bernardin Modrić, Croatia, 2016, 40' - 1st prize (Jury and Audience Award)

9pm Marmore lavdata Brattia - exhibition about the stone quarries of Brač Island, presenting a story that took place during the construction of Diocletian’s Palace. We follow the process of production of an architectural element, from its quarrying, processing, transport, until its incorporation into a building.

10pm From the program of the 4th International Archaeology Film Festival: Stolen Warriors, Wolfgang Luck, Germany, 2014, 52' - 2nd prize of the Jury

11pm From the program of the 4th International Archaeology Film Festival: A Gigantic Jigsaw Puzzle: The Epicurean Instcription of Diogenes of Oinoanda, Nazim Güveloğlu, Turkey, 2012, 32' - 3rd prize of the Jury

6pm-1am Prince Branimir in the Night of Museums - New analyses and research have recently brought up a well-supported assumption according to which one of the dignitaries' sarcophagus found in St Mary's Church belongs to old Croatian ruler Branimir. Sarcophagus was found in 1891 and ever since is kept in this museum

6pm-1am Crkvine - Cista Velika - exhibition about excavations between 1993 and 2010 at the site of Crkvine at Cista Velika in the western part of Imotska krajina 

Museum of Natural History

6pm-1am Permanent exhibition of shells collection

6pm-1am Animals' Forest exhibition: walk on forest path followed by the sounds of animals and bird singing. In total, you will meet 47 different species inhabiting Croatian woods

6pm-1am Exhibition "90 Years of dr Eduard Karaman Collection"

7pm-7.30pm/9pm-9.30pm Documentary films "Rumin" and "Žrnovnica River"

Split City Museum

6pm Book promotion: Dujam Mikačić's Songbook for Antica Kovačić

6pm-1am Viewing of the permanent collection of Split City Museum; Discounted sale of museum publications and souvenirs

6pm-1am Exhibition of works by Milivoj Uzelac in Gallery Diocletian

6pm-1am Viewing of the permanent collection in Emanuel Vidović Gallery

6pm-1am Visit southeastern tower of Diocletian's Palace, with exhibition by painter Vesna Ivanović

6pm-1am Diocletian's Palace Substructures, free entrance to eastern and western wing

Splitgraphic International Graphics Biennale - Naranča Gallery

6pm-midnight Exhibition of works by Krzysztof Tomalski (Poland): Anti-Gravitation (2013-2015)

Star Village and Observatory at Mosor

6pm-6.45pm Exhibition of observatory's museum

6.15pm-6.45pm Old dances from Split, and dialectal poetry, performed by students of Mertojak elementary school

6.45pm-7.15pm Workshop for children "Books and Dinosaurs"

7.15pm-8pm Lecture about history of music, by University of Split professor dr Goran Sučić

8pm-8.30pm Concert of Astor Piazzolla tangos, "Hommage to Bach" by Béla Kovács, and Bach's scores by clarinet player Mislav Norac

8.30pm-9pm Performance of klapa Ćakula

9pm-9.30pm Literature event "Let's Read Music"

9.30pm-10pm Performance of duo The Moment (Marija Jurić vocal and flute, Mario Čuljak guitar)

10.15pm-11.15pm Lecture on Black Holes, gravitation waves and gama rays

11.30pm-1am Astronomical viewing of the sky, if weather is good

University Library

6pm-11pm Guided tour of the collection "Croatian Folk Songs from Island Hvar" collected in 19th century

7pm Traditional Dalmatian klapa sings some of the old songs from the collection

6pm-11.30pm Guided tour of University gallery Vasko Lipovac

8pm University Gallery Vasko Lipovac: rock concert of Rokolomotive band from Split