Split Got a Decency Zone

Split Got a Decency Zone

Is there anyone in the world who likes bans? Not to mention those on a vacation. Still, love it or not, there are always some limitations.

In previous years Split turned into the biggest Croatian tourism hit. With such large numbers of our dear guests, there are sometime extreme cases of those who believe that his or her good time is more important than anyone's peace and well-being. Split City Council believes it shouldn't be that way. On a recent session the Council voted fines for violation of decency rules in the historical city centre.

It needs to be understood: nobody should stop having fun. Even more, you will not need to walk around buttoned up from feet to neck. There will be different comments and reactions, but there are new rules in power, and they should be respected. After all, Dubrovnik voted the same about a month ago, and many other resorts around the world are trying to impose some basic rules of behaving. Vast majority of our guests don't go into any of categories which might be affected, so this should be considered only as a measure to prevent rare incidents.

This is exactly why I want to use this blog to warn what is, and what isn't allowed. Nobody wants to ruin a vacation because not knowing for some rule.

City Council determined a Decency Zone which includes most of the city's centre. Basically, this is the zone included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Within zone's boundaries, according to this act, it's banned to walk without clothes, or partly without clothes, or in a swim suit. As it was explained on a vote, it has nothing to do with conservatism, but with normal functioning of the city which has its life beyond tourism. Fine on a spot is 500 kunas (a little less than 70 euros), and if taken on a Misdemeanour Court goes up to 1,000 kunas (approx. 135 euros). Not exactly the nicest vacation souvenir.

City Council also announced that warning signs will be placed around town. Logic is clear; if you can't enter museums in a swim suits, you shouldn't be able to walk around like that in a city which is very much like a historical museum. Thus, when returning from the beach, get dressed. Those signs should be enough as a warning for tourists (and locals alike), and only extreme cases can count on to be fined. Only few weeks ago, a group of young lads stripped naked in the middle of the city's most popular seaside promenade Riva, and dived into a sea in the harbour. All objections against new rules should go on their account.

Split is the city where there is enough place for everyone who wants to enjoy and have fun. Let's do it in a way that all of us really enjoy.