Split City Break

Split City Break

If you are staying in a hotel in Split from Friday - Monday from OCTOBER 1st to MARCH 31st you will get FREE:



The Tourist Board of Split extends the duration of the City Break program until May 31, 2021. With this project, the goal is to welcome tourists and further motivate them to come to Split. 


The City break program includes:


- Free tour of the city center (Saturdays at 10 am in Croatian or English),


- Tickets for performances on Saturday (HNK Split - https://www.hnk-split.hr),


- Free SplitCard


To use the benefits of the City Break program, the guest must book a minimum of two nights in hotel accommodation (it can be Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday).


Guest announcement procedure (for a free guided tour, show, and SplitCard):


- For city tour - mandatory registration of the guest via a completed order form (in the attachment to the e-mail, it is necessary to state which language the tour is required) to renata@visitsplit.com and info@visitsplit.com no later than Friday at noon.


- For theater performances on weekends - mandatory guest registration (as soon as you agree with the guest) via e-mail to renata@visitsplit.com, info@visitsplit.com, and the theater e-mail prodaja@hnk-split.hr who will contact you with a booking confirmation. Tickets are available at the theater box office.


- For a SplitCard, contact borka@visitsplit.com regarding the pick up of cards in the tourist information center on the Riva.