Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Unknown History: US Admiral Honorary Citizen of Split

    I enjoy exploring my city's history, especially episodes not widely known, and the one which happened right after the World War One is one of my favourite. From 1918 to 1921, victorious nations of the World War I deployed their fleet to Split. Those were the days of dissolution of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, and local people had great hopes for the future, but the then Italy threatened with territory claims in Dalmatia. During almost three years of its presence in Split, fleet had a task to ... More

  • Want to Cook With Top Chefs?

    In the last few years Split turned into one of the most interesting gastronomy destinations in Croatia, with opening of some of the finest new restaurants in this country. And they surely are close to be peaks of Croatian cuisine today. Some of them were recognized in international media, too. For example Andrew Zimmern filmed one of his show Bizarre Foods episode in Villa Spiza and same TV star chef also visited some other spots, like NoStress. Uje Oil Bar was featured in The New York Times, ... More

  • Ultra Europe: Ten Tips for Safe Fun

    I suppose that all those who are attending Ultra Europe Festival next week already have their show tickets. Plane, bus or ferry tickets to Split had been probably booked, and accommodation secured. All you need to do now is to wait for this big electronic music festival to start. When dozens of thousands people flood any city, all of them rushing to have fun, many things can go wrong. Is there a way to enjoy, and yet avoid risks or at least make consequences bearable? Yes there, is here are ... More

  • Blending In Split: Ten Ways to Behave Like a Local

    There are tourists who don't really wish to adjust to local community; they prefer to bring their world with them wherever they go. There is another category, real travellers. They love to blend in with locals, and to behave by those customs and habits which make some place and its people different and unique. If you are among them, here are some important behaviour patterns which will bring you closer to be Splićani. We learned that already, "Splićani" (pron. spleechahnee) are ... More

  • Split, City of Olympic Winners

    There are only few days remained to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but everything we will witness there might also affect look of one part of Split. If prognosis come true, and tradition continues, popular promenade at Western Riva (locally Zapadna obala) might see changes of plates with names of Olympic medal winners who were born in Split, or were members of different clubs in Split. There are no less than 73 names on this Olympic Walk of Fame, and that makes Split true capital of ... More

  • Tips: How to Get Rid of Trash in Split?

    There is a confession to be made; Split and most of Croatia are far from being perfect in garbage collecting. Locals are dealing with that as they can, but all those in touch with tourists at least once heard a million dollar question; where and how to take separately collected glass, paper, plastic, etc. I must say that during this season several visitors asked me how to separate trash, and where to take it. Unfortunately, in most cases it comes to simple and not very progressive rule: ... More

  • Split on a Palm

    Split is undeniably beautiful no matter of angle or perspective from where you are looking at it. If you try to convince some local patriot that it's not true, you might find yourself in a serious trouble. However, what if you want to see this city like it's lying on your palm? Where and how to go to get a million dolar panoramic view? There are few options, one better than another. One of the most obvious is the bell tower of Saint Domnio Cathedral. It's in the very heart of the city, and ... More

  • European Fame and Forbidden Love of Marko Marulić

    When visiting some city, its monuments can tell you a story about it, or about some of its people, no matter of why they were merited with having a public monument. In Split, there are several of historical figures who deserved to be remembered with public statues. Although most visitors will stop at the Gregory of Nin statue near the Diocletian's Palace's northern gate, at least to touch its "lucky toe", there are some others worth of paying attention. One of them is the one showing ... More

  • Split Theatre's Winter

    It is strange these days in Split to watch arrival of events and different other things usually connected with colder days. That especially goes with a fact that I'm still (as well as many others) maintaining almost daily beach routine. To be honest, right now one of the biggest problems in Split is that beach towels dry slower. However, autumn will come eventually, and then even winter. What to do? How about theatre? Croatian National Theatre Split starts its new season in just a few days, ... More

  • Analyse This: Sigmund Freud's Vacation in Split

    There are some hidden points around Split not even many locals know about, and there are those which puzzle anyone who sees them. For example, whenever I'm guiding a tour around the historical city centre, there is a plaque almost everyone will stop and ask "What does it mean?" It's not very visible, placed on a facade of a strange looking, oriental style building in the passage connecting a square locally known as the Fruit Square and Riva. Next to a relief showing widely ... More