Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Where Name Split Came From?

    One of the most often questions visitors ask about Split is an origin of its name. No, we are not birth-place of Banana Split, nor first cases of split personality were observed here. And these are just two of many jokes and word games one can hear from any English-speaking person. I can still remember that some 20 years ago, when I was leaving Dallas, TX after six month stay, friends gave me a cake with "Ivica Splits for Split" written on it. So, really, where name Split is coming ... More

  • Mysterious Beauty from Salona

    Split has its glorious history and heritage, but in its closest vicinity, in Solin there are many important remains dating back to the Roman Empire. It's enough to mention Salona, capital of Roman province Dalmatia, and important city of 50-60 thousand people. Its remains are a little bit neglected with all other historical attractions that can be seen in this part of Croatia, but it sure deserves all the attention. Seeing such well-preserved remains of some big Roman city is not really common ... More

  • Royal Photographer In Split

    Hunting for old photographs used to be a hard work with archive browsing, digging in libraries, endless search around attics. It's so much easier today, with all those vast online collections. Still, finding something unseen is always a joy for everyone who loves scenes from the past. I confess I'm one of them, especially when it comes to Split as it used to be. There are many others like me. Facebook group Split in History gathers thousands of enthusiasts. One of the last jewels I found there ... More

  • Welcome to Carnival!

    All masks up! Starting this Sunday, one of the finest and funniest Split traditions began. Yes, it's a Carnival time. Or, as we in Split would say, Krnjeval (pron. something like kharnyewahl). Just like in the last few years, this year's festivities are dedicated to dance, and every street, square and venue will be a stage for all to show more or less advanced dancing skills. Don't worry, nobody will take it really seriously if you miss a beat. Wearing a mask brings freedom like no other ... More

  • Jazz Nights in a Puppet Theatre

    Split is proud about its music traditions, and no matter how strange it sounds, jazz is strong part of that heritage. What Dalmatian coast has to do with a music which is coming halfway around the globe? Just like many other things which marked 20th century, jazz arrived to Split with the allied forces' peace mission after the World War One. In those few years American sailors brought that strange sound to local bars and restaurants, causing horror among Split puritans. Some of that spirit and ... More

  • Night of Museums 2017: Where to go, What to See?

    In this calm season, one event attracts thousands at the end of January. All those people rush into museums, which open their gates for free. Yes, it's the Night of Museums time! This year, event will take place on January 27, and main theme is Music, Musical Greats and Their Influence on Society. What you can expect in museuma in and around Split? Archeological Site Salona 6pm-11pm Free visit to the site and Memorial Room in Tusculum; socializing with hot tea and cookies; sale of museum ... More

  • Photo New Year!

    Recently I wrote about favourite holiday seasons customs in Split, most of them are connected with Christmas. However, there is another tradition which I like very much, and is strictly associated with a New Year's Eve. If I wanted to be more ambitious, I would say that for Split, opening of one particular exhibition is the same like descending New Year's ball at New York's Times Square. I'm exaggerating? Well, probably, but meet me at midnight in Fotoklub Split on the opening of New Year's ... More

  • Top 5 Holidays Traditions In Split

    Holidays season is approaching, this part of a year is special everywhere in Christian world, and it's also special in Split and Dalmatia. Recently, it's marked with events like Advent in Split which starts this weekend when the first advent candle will be lit at Riva. However, there are so many beautiful, sometimes ancient holiday traditions. Let's try to put up a top 5 list, as a guide to enjoy Christmas season as a local. 1 Afternoon Midnight Mass It sounds like an oximoron, but anything ... More

  • A 200 Years Old Post Box (or Boite Aux Lettres)

    I really love to reveal Split's hidden gems to non-locals (and some locals, too). It might be pretty obvious to this blog's readers, with several already published here with this topic, the most recent one about Sigmund Freud's brief visit to town. One of those is probably the oldest postal box in Split, barely visible on a little square next to the main city Piazza. It's not in use anymore, and is partly hidden with tables of a nearby bar, but I remember how excited some French people were ... More

  • Split - a city of UNESCO

    You know that we who live here like to consider Split as one of the world's most beautiful cities, almost the centre of the world. Well, exactly 37 years ago, on October 26 1979, UNESCO gave us one of the strongest evidences in favour of this claim. The 4th century Diocletian's Palace and city's historical centre were listed on that day on the World Heritage List maintained by the United Nation's agency for education, science and culture. It happened just a year after this list was created, ... More