Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Five Reasons to Visit Split in Spring

    One of the most often queries visitors usually ask is when to visit some destination. There were probably hundreds of occasions when - either privately or as a guide - I had to explain what's the best part of the year to arrive in Split, and my suggestion is usually always the same; a springtime. In about a month the whole city will bloom, weather will get better, we will easily forget about a rain of freezing winds. Pretty soon we will even dare to swim, and city markets will burst in seasonal ... More

  • Split on a Budget: Top Five Free Things to do

    Is it possible to enjoy anything for free in a tourist city like Split? Of course it is. Not only it's possible, but also brings special kind of experience and in some cases takes you even closer to a local spirit and way of life. Of course, eventually you will end up somewhere with a nice dish or a glass of wine, or visit a museum or some of landmarks with paid admission. Let's try to put up a list of top five freebies you might find and enjoy in Split, not only this part of the year but also ... More

  • Mestrovic in Split

    There are lot of important Croatian artists, just like there are lot of great people in any other field. However, it's hard to find a name that would draw an attention of global passengers like Ivan Mestrovic. No doubt, Mestrovic belongs to whole Croatia, but his presence in Split is so important that it's really hard to miss him while visiting this town. Mestrovic Gallery and nearby Kastilac or Kastelet were and are always one of the cornerstones of a city tour, almost as important as the ... More

  • All Flights Lead to Split

    If you don't believe statistics, it's visible even with a plain look that Split became one of the capitals of Croatian tourism in the last few years. Every next season is getting longer and longer, and more successful than the previous one. Of course, these growth rates are not unlimited, there are boundaries, but let's hope that we didn't come to close to limits. Some would say that Ultra Europe music festival is the one to be grateful. Some (me, among others) believe that world finally ... More

  • Lego Diocletian

    If there is anything most of Split visitors identify our city, than it's Diocletian's Palace. Listed since 1979 as part of the UNESCO's World Heritage List this monumental building marked a foundation of Split, no matter there are evidences of previous Greek and Roman settlements on this spot we like to consider the centre of the world, and the most beautiful place on Earth. Well, we have already learned all about Split modesty. Now, there is a special plan which involves the Palace and ... More

  • Saint Domnio's Day: Top 10 Things Not To Miss

    Saint Domnio's Day, locally known as Sudamja (pron. Soodamyah), is by far the biggest day for Split. It's a holiday dedicated to city's patron saint, who was executed during the reign of Emperor Diocletian while he was early Christian bishop of Roman city of Salona. It's a kind of irony that Domnio (Dujam in Split) is the protector of town founded by the emperor who executed him. Furthermore, the same emperor's mausoleum was converted into the oldest cathedral in the world, dedicated to ... More

  • Split With Children: Top Five Things To Do

    We like to say that Split is an excellent destination for a family vacation, because every generation can find something to enjoy. Of course, things are always easier in the summer, because sea and beach are usual way to spend some time on a vacation. However, how to entertain a kid in Split in some other season, when beach-going is not an option, or late spring surprise us with a rain? I just met nice Finnish family, they travel all the way from the north to enjoy Mediterranean, but were ... More

  • Split Got a Decency Zone

    Is there anyone in the world who likes bans? Not to mention those on a vacation. Still, love it or not, there are always some limitations. In previous years Split turned into the biggest Croatian tourism hit. With such large numbers of our dear guests, there are sometime extreme cases of those who believe that his or her good time is more important than anyone's peace and well-being. Split City Council believes it shouldn't be that way. On a recent session the Council voted fines for ... More

  • Summer Begins With Films

    We have always learned in schools that summer begins, roughly, on June 21. However, last nine years this season arrives earlier to Split. Summer's premiere usually happens a few weeks earlier, where premieres usually happens, at film festival. Starting from June 3, Split will once again host one of the most interesting events of this kind in Croatia. The Mediterranean Film Festival Split is back! For nine days, Split will be a film capital of the Mediterranean, and until June 11 we will be ... More

  • Swimming in Split: Top 5 Beaches

    There are two possible answers if someone asks "where I can swim in Split". The short one is "Wherever you can enter sea water, except in city harbour and around shipyard". The long one would include explanation that it's pretty unique for city of 200,000 to have so many attractive swimming spots, with water clear almost like somewhere on islands. In short, almost whole water line on Split peninsula is suitable for swimming, with a great diversity ranging from popular sandy ... More