Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Split Artists: Meet Vasko Lipovac

    When talking about great artists and their works exhibited in Split, first thought is usually Ivan Meštrović and Meštrović Gallery, probably the most visited museum in Split. Second might be the Emanuel Vidovic Gallery dedicated to works of probably the most important Split artist from first half of 20th century. There is also the Gallery of Fine Arts with its superb permanent collection and intriguing regular exhibitions. All three of them are based in or close to the old town, ... More

  • Parking in Split, pt. 2: Not a Nightmare Anymore

    Almost two and a half years ago I wrote here about one of the biggest local riddles for anyone not used to all nuances of traffic in Split; how and where to park in Split, and what to do if your irregularly parked car had been towed. In the meantime, traffic became even worse in some part of the year, and parking in the city centre is still almost mission impossible. Since recently, however, there are some improvements made through two projects conducted by local "parking ... More

  • Let's go hiking!

    September is just around the corner, probably first rains will signal that summer is going to its end. Of course, swimming season in Dalmatia will go on till the late October, but temperatures will drop for a few degrees and open a season of some other types of enjoying nature than just dropping on some beach. Meaning, go hiking! Of course, lots of people go hiking during the summer, but Dalmatian mountains are tough, mostly rocky and sometimes you can feel like being in an oven up there. ... More

  • Meet Diocletian

    Diocletian equals Split. No matter what we know about this Roman Emperor, no matter if we like or not his performance at the world's most powerful position of his age, it's an obvious fact that without Diocletian Split wouldn't exist. Or, to be more precise, it wouldn't be Split as we know it and love it. Celebrating this man, born probably in 244 AD as a peasant's son near Roman city of Salona (today's Solin) means celebrating Split and its history. Part of such celebration will be incoming ... More

  • A City of UNESCO, part two

    In October 2016 I wrote a blog about Split being one of UNESCO's capitals of the world. If this sounds like one of those overconfident bragging so usual in Split, try to beat one of arguments I made; there are really not so many places in the world who can say there are no less than six World Heritage locations within under than two hours of trip by car or ferry from the city centre. You can check that list in a blog I linked, but it actually needs a significant update. Now there are eight ... More

  • Enjoy Ultra Europe in Safety

    Ultra Europe 2017 is just around the corner, there is only one day left till the biggest music event in Croatia, which attracts tens of thousands electronic music and partying fans. Ultra Europe is pure joy, and I'm certain that those three days will be unforgettable for everyone who arrives to Poljud Stadium. However, to make that experience full, the one should take care of safety, but also about the community he or she arrived to. Here are some simple recommendations by organizers you need ... More

  • Season of Fjaka

    Enjoy these hot days? Well, probably, especially if you don't have it rest of the year, and if you are close to some refreshment. Locals in Dalmatia have very specific way of fight against summer heat. It's called fjaka (pron. something like fyackah). So, what is it? For those familiar with Mediterranean way of life, Spanish siesta would be the closest relative. Still, fjaka is a little bit wider term than just taking a break in the hottest part of a day. It's hard to define it, so the best ... More

  • Agave's Swan Song

    If you decide to visit Marjan forest park these days for walking, jogging, swimming or any other of many activities possible there, you will probably see beautiful natural phenomena, blossoming of agave. Straight from the heart of cactus-like plant (it's from lily family) grows something that looks like gigantic asparagus, and eventually will get a shape of a tree up to ten meters high. It's a flower of Agave Americana, also known as "century plant" because of a belief that it ... More

  • Summer in Split Begins With Films

    In Split we know: summer begins with films watching. And it begins with a bang, with one of the most interesting and most visited film festivals in Croatia - Mediterranean Film Festival Split. Starting from June 8 85 films from 26 nations and in ten days will be screened at three venues, open air cinema Bačvice, Zlatna vrata cinematheque, and cinema Tesla terrace. Those who attended in previous years know that FMFS (acronym for Croatian name of the Festival mediteranskog filma Split) is an ... More

  • Gastro Get: Eat Your Way Through Split Traditions

    It worked really well this winter, during Advent in Split, so why not repeating winning formula? Gastro Get is coming back around May 7, when Split celebrates a day of its patron saint, Saint Domnio's Day. Routine remains the same. Several restaurants and bars in the northwest part of the Diocletian's Palace join together in excellent gastronomy event, with menus specially designed for this part of the year, and according to occasion. Everything starts on May 4, and during following four days ... More