Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Celebration of Sailing: Regatta of Mrduja

    Football is almost a religion in Split, but this is also a sailing capital. Just check out the current ISAF world ranking, with Ivan Kljaković Gašpić second in Finn and Tonči Stipanović third in laser. Or, to check it first hand, come this Saturday to marina of YC Labud, and join the oldest and biggest regatta in Croatia. Yes, it's time for the 84th Regatta of Mrduja! As it is usual every last Saturday in September, about 300 sailing boats of all sizes will gather in and in front of the ... More

  • Enjoy Split on a Rainy Day

    Few days ago some young foreign couple rented an apartment in my neighbourhood, and since couldn't find a place where they were supposed to spend their vacation, they stopped me for assistance. We got into a conversation, and since rain just started at one point they asked me inevitable question: "what can we do in Split these days?" Fortunately for them, weather got better very same day, and they probably enjoyed some Indian summer swimming. In a meantime, autumn did arrive to Split, ... More

  • Remembering Ancestors

    There is nothing special about seeing flowers on sale around market in Split, but these days there is a difference. Not only market, and not only in Split; streets of Dalmatian and Croatian cities are flooded with chrysanthemums. It is usual picture in days before November, 1, All Saints' Day, or Day of the Dead in local tradition. On this occasion most of the people will pay tribute to their beloved ones who passed away, to lay flowers and remember them. Cemeteries will be glowing with ... More

  • Wandering Around Dalmatia

    No matter if it's a full season or not, Split vicinity has so much to offer, it just invites you to explore it on some day trip. Naturally, during the summer choices are easy; enjoying sea is just too tempting. However, even in this part of the year Dalmatia's climate makes easily possible any attempt to explore natural and historical heritage which is hidden from the islands to the inland Dalmatia. Options are literally endless. You can be a mountain lover, and start your ascend to Kozjak, ... More

  • Seaside Winter Joy

    Winter mood and joy were never exactly the first association when you mention Split. You know, classics - snow, sleds, family gathering around a fireplace, horse carriage, etc. We do have winter in Split, of course, but take a look what does it look like these days, and judge for yourself. For example, on November 29 at Bačvice beach, but also on Marjan hill or elsewhere people were jumping around in the sea, or at least having great time by the sea. There is just a step to images we usually ... More

  • City's Living Room

    Have you been these days at Split's Riva? It's that long, white and sunbathed promenade by the sea. Christmas Fair has occupied it on such scale that it's even hard to make your way through the crowd. And nobody seems to be bothered about it. What it would bother anyone? Riva is, and always was, a living room of Split, the most important city's public space. It's a place where everything happens, where you grow, live, meet other people, hear about the most important city news, celebrate ... More

  • Nordic Fish, Dalmatian Christmas Treat

    Croatia is proud on its cuisine. Dalmatia is especially proud for being a part of Mediterranean gastronomy. After all, Croatia is one of countries which are part of Mediterranean diet, listed as UNESCO protected intangible world heritage. And yet, pretty much whole Mediterranean, including Dalmatia, including Split shares only one flavour during Christmas festivities. It's a codfish. Just pass through any Dalmatian town or village in these days, and take a deep breath. From every home or ... More

  • Medieval Miniature Gem

    There is one thing you need to know about Split. Wherever you look, or step, you will find something that deserve (or at least locals think it deserves it) being described with a sentence beginning with "the most..." And than goes "beautiful", "oldest", "famous", whichever epithet comes to mind. In this race for greatness, however, the one can find somewhat strange extremes. Let's say, church of Saint Martin. It's a hidden gem, tiny church set inside the ... More

  • Night of Museums 2016: Where to go, what to see in and around Split

    It's that part of the year again when Croatian and world museums are opening its doors. Night of Museums lasts in Croatia for 11 years and that includes museums in Split, too. Almost all of them have prepared interesting and attractive programs, and it's worth of visiting them on January 29, between 6 pm and 1 am. However, don't think that only museums in Split have good programs during the Night of Museums, don't hesitate to go beyond city. Of course, eternal Salona ruins are always ... More

  • Easter From Granny's Kitchen

    One of the nicest memories I have from a childhood is my grandmother's kitchen in Easter time. Actually, is there anyone in Dalmatia - or anywhere else - who don't have similar memory? Main reason in my case, or in Split's case is called sirnica (pron. like seernytsah). Anyone here will know what is it, traditional sweet cake-bread with sugar sprinkled on top. To those who speak some Croatian, this pastry's name might be confusing. Sirnica would usually mean something made of, or filled with ... More