Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • A Little Ball Of Joy

    I have a friend, Italian living in Split who passionately loves picigin. There are many things he did in his life which can make him a genuine Splićanin (locally for a person who lives or originates in Split), but very few of those things can measure with a fact that he has his own picigin ball. You should know what picigin if arriving to Split is, it's probably the only beach fun protected by law as a part of cultural heritage. Some are annoyed for such attention, some will hate that cameras ... More

  • How To Park In Split?

    It just can't be a coincidence. First, the other day I met a young family from India. Father of the family told me something that is hard to expect from someone who is coming from a country which looks like a nightmare for any driver who was not born there with a car wheel in his hands. "How do you park here in Split? All this looks like a complete chaos to me." Only two days after that, I ran onto an article by some American blogger. Its writer doesn't seem to have a clear picture of ... More

  • Centre of the World

    As modest as they are, Splićani (we already learn, but here it is again: people living in or originating from Split) truly believe that this city is the centre of the world. How about going a one step forward, and determine where the centre of Split is? In terms of every day's life, there is the Diocletian's Palace as the urban core of Split, there is Pjaca (Narodni trg) as the centuries-old centre of all social life, and there is Riva as a sort of the city's living room. Choosing one of them ... More

  • Drink Diocletian's Water

    While I was touring Split with an American family the other day, we were usual picture for everyone who was watching. My guests were holding just bought bottles with water, while I was doing what anyone in Split is always doing - seeking for refreshment on some of the many public fountains scattered around this city. Really, why would anyone reasonable buy bottled water in a city which gets its drinking water from a source which is so reliable that ancient Romans used it? My apologies to all ... More

  • Green Oasis in The Palace

    OK, we all know that Game of Thrones brought some extra attention to Split, just like to other filming locations in Croatia and elsewhere. However, in the early September 2014 one really particular spot in Split became suddenly a talk-about place on social networks. It didn't require a lot of work to achieve that. It was enough that actress Nathalie Emmanuel, Missandei in the Game of Thrones, post on Instagram a photo of herself sitting on a stairs at one of the most picturesque spots in ... More

  • A Theatre City

    You partied enough on Ultra Europe? Well, get ready for something completely different. The 61st Split Summer Festival begins, as one of the oldest theatrical festivals in Croatia. Split will turn again into a stage for the top class drama, opera, ballet, concerts, exhibitions. It all begins this Tuesday, on July 14 at 9pm with a gala opening in front of the Croatian National Theatre building, followed by no less than two art exhibitions and an opera of opera "Samson and Delilah" by ... More

  • Splitting on Two Wheels

    I know, in these boiling hot days idea of riding a bicycle can look almost suicidal to anyone who is not really a pedalling fanatic. Still, biking became increasingly popular in Split, both by locals and our visitors. To be honest, popularity of bicycling in Split has not yet been completely followed by the infrastructure, and riding on traffic-packed city streets without bicycle tracks can be even more adventurous than a mountain biking. Once you get used to that, and survive it, you will ... More

  • Let's Fly from Downtown Split

    When next week European Coastal Airlines hydroplanes depart from the heart of Split city harbour on its flights to Dalmatian islands and northern Adriatic destinations, it will be a step forward of what is already happening since the last summer. Even with hydroplanes departing from the sea-airport in Resnik Split was the base of the only regular seaplanes' passenger service in the Mediterranean. Now it will become even easier to travel by them, and it's really promising, with trips to - let's ... More

  • Welcome to Diocletian's City!

    There are very few cities so strongly connected with only one person who is not just a mythology or literature character, like it's a case with Split. Roman Emperor Diocletian, and he is the one we are talking about, is completely real, and unbreakably bonded with the city which was founded within his retirement palace. We might even say that it's perfectly OK that city turned out a few hundred years after Diocletian died. If he didn't choose that particular spot on the peninsula south-western ... More

  • Indian Summer to Enjoy

    Friends or tourists I meet in Split often ask me a simple question, what is the best part to visit Split? I must say sorry to all those with school-age kids or have to rush to their classes at schools and universities, or have any other similar "flaw", but answer are September. It's really simple to explain. Weather allows you to walk around without being soaking sweat. Sea water is still warm enough to swim, no more overcrowded streets, and yet season air lines are still on. We are ... More