Ivica Profaca

Ivica Profaca is a journalist with decades of experience, and strong connection with Split, city where he was born, and where and with which he still lives. With this series of blogs he shows Split as he see it, and as he would like you to see it. Contact writer via: iprofaca@gmail.com
  • Even All Saints Day Can Be Sweet

    A few years ago I wrote a blog about Dalmatian traditions about All Saints Day (November 1). Back then, I mentioned one custom which is not as spiritual as the very nature of that day. Yes, All Saints Day is religious holiday, but just like almost any other of that kind it's followed with some traditional treat. In this case, it's called bobići (pron. bohbeechy), at least in Split. Elsewhere those little brown, white or (in some places) pink sweet balls are known as favete, favetti, or in ... More

  • Ten Ways to Stay Safe in Split

    Vacation can always have its downsides, with many bad things that can happen to us. There is no popular destination which is immune of crime, incidents, accidents, etc. There is only a difference how often they happen, or how bad they can go. Split is not an exception. It is considered as a safe place, just like Croatia in general, especially compared to some bigger and busiest cities or resorts. We can start with something very obvious - nowhere in Croatia you will see armoured vehicles and ... More

  • Split Heals

    There are many stories and legends about Emperor Diocletian, some of them related to Split and Dalmatia. For example, walking at the western end of Riva promenade always brings not so pleasant smell. It's neither sewage nor pollution, but one of possible reasons for Diocletian to build his retirement home right there. Namely, one of those stories about Diocletian - accepted even among historians - says that he chose this location because of sulphur springs, with water helping him to cure his ... More

  • Top 10: Summer 2019 Culture Events

      Summer is here, even on calendar! Although May was one of the coldest and rainiest in decades, beaches in and around Split are at its best. So are local culture events, because Split is a city of heritage and art. For a few times in the past this blog wrote about Mediterranean Film Festival, marking that event as true start of summer season. Same happened this year, with regularly sold out screenings at open air cinema Bačvice, and always relaxed, good atmosphere. Considering what is ... More

  • Traffic in Split Has New Rules

    Starting in June, Split will introduce new regime of traffic within harbour and closer to the city centre, aiming to reduce gridlocks and to improve flow of large number of vehicles which now sometime create long lines and waiting. It's especially important for public transportation system, and tour buses and coaches. It's extremely important for everyone, ranging from guests to guides to agencies, learn about new situation. To avoid all misunderstands, and to improve how well everyone is ... More

  • Enjoy Split Even When It Rains (2)

    Last couple of weeks Split and most of Dalmatia had weather that made this area look almost British - rain, rain, rain. And then some sun to make us hope summer is coming. And then rain again. Even jokes broke out, like that summer is waiting until everyone lose some weight to hit a beach. Or that we have to collect firewoods to survive this summer. Or that Game of Thrones' motto Winter is coming became real. Forecast for the next week is as miserable as it was recently, with temperatures under ... More

  • Saint Domnius Day: New (and Old) Top 10 Things Not To Miss

    Three years ago I wrote here a blog with Top 10 things not to be missed during festivities of Saint Domnius' Day, locally known as Sudamja (pron. Soodamyah). I believe it's time to create a new list, with some new and some old events and customs. Sudamja is by far the biggest local holiday in Split, celebrated for centuries on May 7. It's dedicated to the city's patron saint, early Christian bishop in nearby Roman City of Salona, executed in 304 AD. History can bring strange twists, like in ... More

  • Guardians of Emperor's Greatness

    If you ask any tour guide what raises the most questions while sightseeing Split ­- and I can witness that from my experience - sphynxes would probably be among top three. What those ancient Egyptian statues do in Split, who brought them here, are they original, when they will be returned, can we touch it, those are just some of questions curious visitors usually ask. Sphynxes of Split are also probably among top five the most photographed. Who would resist, after all? So, let's try to ... More

  • Carnival Time is Back in Town

    You might get frozen in the last day or two, experiencing Dalmatian bura at its best (or worst, depending if you were caught somewhere outside), but on Tuesday, March 5, you'll have an opportunity to heat up. Yes, it's a Carnival time! As tradition orders for centuries, same as in many other places around the world, Fat Tuesday is time when all brakes should be released, just before Ash Wednesday marks beginning of Lent in Christian world. Split is not different. Festivities in Split already ... More

  • Please be Patient, Marjan Under Treatment

    Next to the Diocletian's Palace and beaches, Marjan forest park is probably the most popular point for any visitor coming to Split. For us who live in Split, this little green hill overlooking and guarding our city is even more important, and it's been described in this blog. There are endless paths, beaches, natural beauty, viewpoints, medieval churches wherever you look, and symbolic meaning of Marjan is deeply written in Split city spirit. It's enough to say that about a hundred years ago ... More