Other attractions

  • The Riva

    The Riva started to look the way it does today two centuries ago, when the French, in time of Napoleon ruled these parts through Marshal Marmont. Today this promenade is the cities living room, the most popular and most important public place in Split. In the meantime it has been widened and reconstructed several times, but it was always blessed with the most spectacular set, the south facade of the Diocletian Palace, with the entrance into the Substructures, and later on with the buildings ... More

  • Matejuška port

    Matejuška has been for centuries a port for small boats owned by fishermen of Split, the residents of Veli Varoš set sail from there out to the sea to feed their families. Even today there are dozens of boats tied up there, their nets drying , bait being prepared, with a monument dedicated to fishermen biding them farewell as they sail out to sea - a big fish hook. Matejuška is also known for socializing among those who appreciate its aromas and sounds, you can always see ... More

  • Marmont street

    Although a conqueror, Napoleon's marshal Marmont is responsible for the urbanisation of Dalmatian cities, in return the citizens of Split have named their most beautiful street after him. Marmont street is not only beautiful but also historically meaningful. In 1922 a library and a reading room has been founded there for Francophiles, today Alliance Francaise. The first cinema of Split found its home there as well. A unique fish market decorates its centre, special because of the fact that you ... More