Exhibition by Ivana Papić, "The Voice of the Wild Walnut"q

Exhibition by Ivana Papić, "The Voice of the Wild Walnut"q

Location: SALON GALIĆ, Marmontova 3
Duration: July 12th - August 1st, 2023


Exhibition by Ivana Papić, "The Voice of the Wild Walnut"
Curated by Jasmina Šarić


The exhibition by the author Ivana Papić, organized by HULU, will open at Salon Galić on Wednesday, July 12th at 8:00 PM. Admission is free, and the exhibition will be available for viewing until August 1st, 2023.






Jadranka Papić 
Ivana Papić
Bjanka Baras Šimleša
Marica Škopljanac
Stana Škopljanac


Drums: Illari Arbe "La Mujer Tambor" 


Sound co-production: Frane Papić


Sound post-production: Mirna Stanić


Co-production: Cine Club Split


Research collaborators:
Ethnographic Museum Split
Ethno-eco village Škopljanci


Vladimir Bjeličić
Ivan Koroman
Kristina Leko
Ivica Papić
Mavena – 36 njezinih čuda


About the Exhibition:

"Ivana's project tells a story about cultural heritage, which she developed at the Art in Context Institute at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and built through research in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum in Split and the Ethno-Eco Village Škopljanci. She also conducted field research, interviewing some of the residents of this settlement. Therefore, the ambient sound installation is composed of elements of local folklore and imbued with powerful, personal women's stories. Recognizing that she carries the transgenerational memory of her female ancestors, the artist herself takes on the role of the storyteller. Ultimately, this is not just a search for her own identity, but also a story about the women of Dalmatian hinterland and their lives within a patriarchal environment, as well as the jobs they performed and the ways in which they contributed to the community, even being crucial within it," from the foreword by Jasmina Šarić.



Ivana Papić is a multimedia artist born in 1987 in Split. She acquired her master's degree in conservation and restoration at the Arts Academy of the University of Split in 2011, and in 2022 she received a postgraduate master's degree at the Institute for Art in Context at the Berlin University of Arts. She has had three solo exhibitions in Split, Zagreb and Belgrade, and she has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Berlin.