Location: Photo Club Split (Marmontova 5, 21000 Split)


Time: March 27 - April 19, 2023


Following the example of numerous other reputable and renowned photography salons in Croatia and the world, the Split Photo Salon by Photo Club Split was launched last year. There were more than enough reasons for this: photography in Split has a long tradition, the importance of which is recognized both in the national and European context, and the Split Photo Club, in its 113-year-long history, has played a crucial role in promoting photography and forming a local photographic scene.


The competition was open to professionals and amateurs, who could submit their photos in three categories: free black and white theme, free color theme, and movement category. The works then underwent evaluation by an international expert jury composed of distinguished and renowned photography experts: Draženka Jalšić Ernečić, Nicolà Sertorija, Maja Strgar Kurečić, Ranko Đurović, and Nenad Martić.


All works were reviewed anonymously and impartially, then, by summing up the individual evaluations of the jury members, the winners were selected by category. In addition to the winners, three authors in each category were commended. At the exhibition in the Photo Club Split's Photo Gallery, 75 best-rated photos will be shown, 25 from each category, and 15 best-rated photos from each category will be projected.


The fact that the jury did not have an easy task shows that the winners were chosen from among 729 photographs (258 in the color category, 253 in the black and white category, and 218 in the movement category) by 77 authors from 5 countries.


More information is available at https://www.facebook.com/FotoklubSplit.