Location: Croatian Maritime Museum Split (Glagoljaša 18, 21000 Split)


On Friday, March 18, at 11 a.m., the Croatian Maritime Museum in Split will host the opening of an exhibition organized by the Hvar Elementary School and the Starogradsko polje Public Institution entitled "Trimi i gomile"The exhibit remains open until April 16, 2022.


The project "Trimi i gomile" is the second collaboration of the photo group of the Hvar Elementary School carried out with the Public Institution Agency for Management of the Starogradsko polje. The activity was within the Erasmus + program called Unesco passport. The head of the program is the Hvar Elementary School, and the partner schools are from Italy, Spain, and Cyprus. The project includes research on the UNESCO heritage of all participants and the presentation of activities aimed at raising awareness of the social importance of cultural heritage and its preservation in future generations.


Students, members of the photo group, through photography explored the historical, natural, and ethnographic features of the Starogradsko polje. During the three workshops, the project participants took photos and got to know the western, central, and eastern parts of Starogradsko polje. In researching and searching for motives for their photographs, they gave a stamp to Polish dry stone houses - trims and mounds that represent the border between the plots and are part of the preserved Greek division of land. They took photos of trims and heaps typical for this area and showed them symbiosis with olive trees, vineyards, vegetation, and field roads.


With expert guidance, the group visually explored and photographed the condition of this valuable heritage. Thanks to the activities of cooperation, the seriousness of the approach to the topic, the dynamism and creativity of the group, an enviable number of quality photos were achieved. Last year, when special attention went to epidemiological measures, in ​​the Starogradsko polje area it was easy to adhere to the prescribed measures and create a collection of photographs. 60 photographs were selected for the photo book and 16 photographs for the exhibition "Trimi i gomile".