Audio mobile application with short stories by Croatian authors 


Whether walking on Marjan, sitting on the Riva, passing through Get, or waiting for the bus, you can "catch" short urban stories by contemporary Croatian authors or excerpts from older Croatian literature by downloading to your smartphone the free sound application "Croatian Soundscript".


Like a quest for a literary Pokemon, ‘Croatian Soundscript’ is a mobile application that invites the audience on a sonic and interactive journey and is projected through a whole series of poetic and delicate stories in contrast to the banality of daily life. The application is activated with the help of geolocation around the city of Split, either at bus stops or in historically significant public places and city parks. The content of the application are unpublished short stories by contemporary Croatian authors, while in some historically significant places of the city you can listen to quotes or excerpts from older Croatian literature inspired by the space in which they are located or an urban theme from that time.  


The application’s content is sound-engineered with actors’ voices and placed in a designed audio-scene inspired by the theme of each individual story. Users of the application will be able to discover and listen to short stories of urban themes whilst walking through the city at their own pace and in this way relax and briefly step into the parallel reality of others’ lives that travel through empty spaces. Just download the application on Google Play Store and App Store and turn on geolocation, and stories will arrive on your phone as you walk around town.


The application "Croatian Soundscript" contains 73 short stories, some of which have a connection with the city of Split and its local population. Excerpts from classic Croatian works on urban themes are also included and these too have a connection with the city of Split. You can walk around the city and listen to the stories and excerpts of Marina Vujčić, Nada Topić, Ante Zlatko Stolica, Tanja Mravak, Elvis Bošnjak, Marija Glavaš, Nebojša Lujanović, Olja Runjić, Katja Grcić, Slobodanka Đuderija Renato Baretić, Luiza Bouharaou, Marija Jurić, Sonja Gaš , Mani Gotovac, Miljenko Smoje, Ivo Dellala, Marko Marulić, Anatoli Kudrjavcev, Luka Botić, Marin Bega, Bogdan Radica, Marko Uvodić from Split, Tonko Maroević, Tonća Petrasov Marović.


Croatian Soundscript in Split is realized in 2021, a year that the Government of the Republic of Croatia has declared a Year of Reading as part of the measure of the Action Plan of the National Strategy to encourage reading contributing to the development of reading culture


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An information leaflet on the locations and how to use the application is available HERE.


Croatian Soundscript is the author's project of the art organization YELO, which was created in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, the Split Tourist Board, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom, the City of Split, and the Split-Dalmatia County.


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